About the basic characteristics of windows and doors.

Why should I choose PVC-windows?

Windows made of artificial material such as plastic or aluminium are despite the expectation environmental friendly, since they are made in accordance with the guidelines for recycling. At the end of their lifespan they can be fully recycled.


Moreover, it is also important that the PVC-windows are made ​​of artificial material, which can be continuously equable extended, because this enables good insulation. The materials are UV-resistant, which means that they don’t get old and do not turn yellow or pale. PVC material is a very good insulator. It requires little maintenance and is insensitive to weather conditions. It also doesn’t need to be painted or coated and doesn’t get eaten by worms.

Why should I choose windows made of artificial materials, when today’s predominating trends tend to natural materials?

It is true, more and more natural materials are used. It is also true that it is increasingly important to use materials that are environmentally friendly and have a positive impact on the environment. PVC material is environmentally friendly. Windows made of artificial materials, concrete made ​​of PVC, can be after expiration of their lifespan completely recycled and reused. PVC is also more durable and has a longer lifespan. Just as it is true that more and more natural materials are used, it is also true that in terms of environmental protection and energy saving the use of PVC is getting more and more important, because PVC will bring us many positive attributes.
How long is the lifespan of PVC-windows?

The AJM windows have a lifespan of several decades. We are convinced about their quality, because our producer of the profiles offers a 10-year warranty.


What is the warranty of windows AJM?

Company AJM offers several different warranty periods that depend on the products. We give a 10-year warranty on window sills Werzalit, a 10-year warranty on the UV-resistance of the PVC-profiles and a 5-year warranty on the hardware. We give a 2-year warranty on the functionality of window blinds and one-year warranty on hooks, handles, electro material and other accessories. There is no warranty on smaller uneven parts and in case the crosses rattle in the windowpanes, on thermal glass breakage and on corrosion of the reflective protected glasses.


PVC-windows and condensation?

The AJM PVC-windows have an excellent sealing and do not allow uncontrolled flow of cold and warm air. Possibility of condensation occurs only in areas where there is a higher level of moisture. With regular and proper ventilation these inconveniences will be eliminated.
PVC-windows look to artificial. How to achieve a more natural look of windows made of artificial materials?

Windows made ​​of PVC materials provide a wide range of colour designs and combinations. Today, so good imitations of wood are available that a difference is not noticeable. Windows made ​​of profiles in wood decor perfectly match with construction in combination with wood. They are also suitable for renovation works, not only for new constructions.
What kind of hardware do the AJM windows have and what opening possibilities are available?

We offer security hardware of the German manufacturer Winkhaus, for both windows and doors. Classical hardware has a tilting-swivel opening system and the entrance doors are equipped with a security multipoint lock or sliding frame system with tilting option.

What ventilation system for windows does AJM offer?

All our windows are equipped with hardware, which enables in addition to the swivel fittings also tilting fittings. It also has a standard (exceptions are technological restrictions) built-in multi-stage tilting hardware that allows minimal air flow. The advantage of this system is that you can aerate when you want, since it doesn’t operate on the principle of negative pressure (the air vents transfer air even than when we do not want it). It is important that the multi-stage hardware is certified and that it because of its solely manual setting satisfies maximum air transfer values that are measured in the laboratory.


Windows, doors and winter gardens can be also equipped with a special ventilation system, called "Renson." These systems consist of specific air-vents that are embedded in the elements of windows and doors. A special ventilation turbine can be additionally installed. The control is either manually or automatically. An integral part of the system can be a weather station, which will provide up-to-date and accurate information on climatic conditions.