Glossary of terms

From A to Z about windows and doors.

AJM 8000 energeto 

The window profile, called AJM 8000 energeto is our latest innovation. This new profile has several superior features but there are three processes that should be especially highlighted, which are quite new in the world of manufacturing windows and doors: Bonding inside - a technique of bonding the glass into the window casement, Powerdur inside – a mechanical reinforcement made of PVC-strips and fibreglass, Foam inside - with a special insulating foam filled profile chambers.

The features of this profile enable excellent sound and thermal insulation and maximum safety. With its properties, this profile perfectly meets the needs of energy saving and passive houses. With this profile you can save up to 36 percent energy per year. The profile also provides several possibilities for the installation of glass, all up to 51 mm thickness.
Alarm tempered glass

Tempered glass with brand electric conductive loop. In case the glass breaks, the electrical current is disconnected and an alarm is released.
Alarm bonded (glued) glass

Bonded (glued) glass with integrated electrically conductive wires, which disconnect the electrical current and trigger an alarm device in case the glass breaks.



The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit for measuring sound insulation.  The higher the value, the better the sound insulation of a window, or in other words, the sound damping is much better. In practice this means that if the noise is 90 dB, then the glass (window) with a sound insulation value of 36 dB reduces the noise in the house to 54 dB.

Dismantling means the replacement of old windows with new ones. It is a procedure, where the window casement is removed from the hinges and the window frame is cut on several places. The goal of this procedure is to minimize damages on the inner and outer part of the wall.  

A spacer is a profile that separates glass and is filled with a desiccant. It is used mostly in insulating glass. In use are aluminium spacers in several different dimensions.


Insulating glass or Termopan glass

This is glass with two glass panes, which are separated with a spacer and filled with air or gas.


Tempered or thermal-treated glass

Glass with increased solidness and resistance to temperature changes. The advantage of tempered glass is that it shatters to little pieces when it breaks.


Bonded or anti-burglary glass or Tripleks glass

This type of glass includes two or more glasses, which are connected with a special foil. It is a good security solution, whereas the intermediate foil hinders a break-in and the shattering of the entire insulating glass in the window.


Treatment of wall reveals

Treatment of wall reveals means masonry repairs of the wall (or placing gypsum plasterboards), which can be damaged when replacing the old windows on the inner and outer part.  


Fire-resistant glass

Glass for fire protection.


Hardware with parallel action

The hardware Winkhaus provides a further dimension for opening: it is called “parallel positioning”. This creates an air gap of 6 mm, which guarantees natural and secure aeration. A special feature of this hardware is that it allows constant airflow from all four sides of the window casement – also from the bottom. Despite the ventilation the hardware still has a security function. Because of the small gap of the opened window you don’t have to be afraid of any leakage of water during rainfall. This hardware with parallel action is suitable for all AJM window types – AJM 5000, AJM 8000 ekskluziv and AJM 8000 energeto. 

Sandblasted glass

Or in colloquial language – frosted glass with a rough surface.

Reflective or mirrored glass

Also known as mirrored glass (mirror effect). The glass works on the “more light” principle – in daytime you cannot see into the rooms and at night you cannot see outside.


"Rw" is an international index for sound insulation, which is measured in decibels. The higher the value the better is the sound insulation. Standard insulation of double-layered glass (double-pane windows) is 32 dB. By varying the thickness of glass and with the use of special gases in the space between the glass, glasses with up to 46 dB sound insulation values can be installed into the AJM windows.



The U-value is an international rating method for the heat transfer of air through the material.



Ug is a code for the heat transfer of glass.



Uw is a code for the heat transfer of the whole window.


Security hardware

Improved hardware with additional security fastenings made of hardened and tempered steel.

A function of the window when it is opened in tilting position.
Finishing batten (trim)

A PVC-batten in several different widths. Primarily it has an aesthetic function. It is attached (glued) onto the window frame and on the part of the window, where the PU-foam is visible. It can be used on the inner as well as on the outer side.


Sound and thermal insulation

Sound insulation is measured in decibels. The standard insulation is 32 dB, which means that the sound transfer is prevented for this value. The higher the factor, the better is the insulation. Thermal insulation or the heat transfer is measured in watts per square metre Kelvin. The typical total thermal transmittance of a window is Uw = 1.3 watts per square metre Kelvin (W/m2K).