Maintenance and care of windows and doors.

What products are suitable for cleaning the AJM PVC-windows?


In case you don’t have our set for window cleaning you can use any other unaggressive detergent. For example, you can use a detergent that you use for daily dish-washing.  

What about the maintenance of AJM windows?


Our windows don’t require special maintenance. You just have to clean them regularly and from time to time you should grease the seals and the fittings (hardware) and that’s it. We recommend you to buy the cleaning set for windows and doors AJM.
How much maintenance is required for the ALU-elements?


Do not leave the protection foil on the windows! We suggest removing the foil on the outer side of the window immediately after installation. This is especially important in summer time. You can leave the protection foil on the inner side of the window till the end of the construction works. But not too long, because it is intended only for protection during transport and installation. If you will leave the foil too long on the windows it will be difficult to remove.
There is a scratch on my new window. Can it be removed? 


Please call our service department. We have a special polish cream, which removes the damages on the profile.
The entrance doors are difficult to close. Is it a mistake?


Larger elements (entrance doors, sliding or balcony doors, one-casement windows in larger dimensions) may due to their weight start to hang, so the closing isn’t as smooth as it was originally. This is not a mistake and there is nothing wrong with your element. You can set the hardware by yourself with an Allen key, so the closing will function normal. Although we recommend you to call our AJM service department to solve the problem.

Is it possible to improve the sound insulation of new windows?


Yes it is possible. The most effective way to improve the sound insulation of new windows is the use of thicker glasses. But you have to consider that one glass must be at least for 50 percent thicker than the other. You can use also glued glass. Our experts will advise you and will suggest you the best possible solution.
Why there are water droplets on the inner side of the windowpane?


Condensation on the glass indicates that there is too much humidity in the room. Moisture occurs mainly in places where people cook, iron, dry clothes ... Due to improper aeration the walls in your home cool off and so the moisture in the room turns into water droplets, which are at first visible particularly on glass; this, however does not cause any damage. Damage occurs on the walls and furniture, so we suggest you to provide proper ventilation of your rooms. 


The above described case often happens in the kitchen after replacement of old windows and doors. The old windows didn’t seal adequately and had therefore an excellent but extremely wasteful aeration system. The new windows seal excellent, therefore the moisture cannot escape from the room by itself. Since the passage of moisture is disabled, it moves onto the window, not causing any other damage than aesthetical. Of course, we cannot say this for moisture on the walls and furniture. Therefore it is very important to ventilate all rooms in a suitable and proper way. Aeration can also be easier with our modern ventilation systems.


What is a proper aeration?


Aeration and air regulation between the external environment and internal spaces is extremely important. Temperature and relative humidity should be approximately equal as values ​​of outside air, because only by air regulating we can avoid condensation on the windowpanes and consequently the occurrence of mould in our homes. To prevent the occurrence of mould in your homes, we advise you to ventilate rooms especially in the morning and evening when the outside air is cooler.


How much maintenance require the ALU-elements?


Aluminium windows and doors do not require any maintenance. In comparison with other materials, which need to be treated, painted or repaired in some other ways, these elements just have to be cleaned with unaggressive detergents and water.  


Can I leave the protection foil on the new windows after finished installation and cleaning?  


AJM has a special service department. During the guarantee period our experts will professionally and free of charge service and repair all your AJM products. What products are suitable for cleaning the AJM PVC-windows?

For efficient cleaning of our windows we recommend the use of our maintenance set for AJM windows and doors. This set includes: a special cleaner for PVC-profiles, a dripping-tube with oil for maintenance of the rotating parts of the hardware, vaseline for the seals, a cleaning cloth and Instructions for use.