Purchase and payment

All about the payment terms.

How do you rate yourself in terms of prices?

We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. Certainly it is true that we are always competitive. For the price you pay, in Slovenia, you will not get better quality than ours.


What is the price of a window?

The price of a window depends on several factors: the window type, its dimensions, hardware and accessories, like window blinds, window sills, insect screens. An important factor is also, if you will install the window on your own or if this will be done by the AJM experts.
What is the procedure for purchasing the AJM windows?

The procedure is simple. Call us on our toll-free number 080 14 01 and arrange a visit of our experts at your home, who will advise you and make all necessary measurements. The visit (survey) and measurements are free of charge. You will receive an offer in approximately one day. If you don’t want a visit, you can send us your measures and we will prepare an indicative offer for you.
What about discounts?  

Throughout the year we try to retain for the consumers an attractive offer, which includes also discounts. In winter we offer winter discounts and during fairs we offer special fair-discounts. Available are also quantity discounts. Moreover, we are very flexible in our company, so we are always willing to discuss about discounts.
What payment terms do you offer?

We offer various payment methods. Choose the one that suits you best. Option 1: 60-percent interest-free deposit at the time of ordering, 40-percent at the time of installation or shipping and handling. Option 2: 100-percent at the time of ordering with an additional 5-percent discount. Option 3: Payment insurance by an irrevocable bank guarantee - payment after the services are performed. Option 4: Interest-free loan; we help you to get the loan at Sparkasse bank on the basis of our offer. In this case, the additional discount is not granted. Option 5: An Eco-Loan, where the customer pays 40-percent of the total sum at the time of signing the loan contract (no later than five working days) and at the time of forwarding a copy of the loan contract follows the payment of the remaining 60-percent at the time of or after delivery. The validity of the Eco-Loan offer is 30 days.


What is the warranty of windows and doors AJM?

Company AJM offers several different warranty periods that depend on the products. We give a 10-year warranty on window sills Werzalit, a 10-year warranty on the UV-resistance of the PVC-profiles and a 5-year warranty on the hardware. We give a 2-year warranty on the functionality of window blinds and one-year warranty on hooks, handles, electro material and other accessories. There is no warranty on smaller uneven parts and in case the crosses rattle in the windowpanes, on thermal glass breakage and on corrosion of the reflective protected glasses.   
What about VAT?

The amounts of Value added tax are different. Legal entities will be charged 22-percent VAT, regardless of whether the services are performed in own production or by Company AJM. Individuals (natural persons) which build living quarters and in cases where AJM experts carry out services (installation), are by law charged with a lower tax, which amounts 9.5 percent.