ALU tilting-sliding doors wicline 75 evo

ALU tilting-sliding doors wicline 75 evo
Durable sliding-tilting doors with interrupted thermal bridge and improved insulation for high thermal loads.

Excellent sliding-tilting doors suitable for installation in energy more demanding objects.
It is a series of profiles with a profile frame thickness of 75 mm and casement thickness 85 mm, which together with a wide variety of thermal insulated glasses ensures the achievement of higher thermal insulation values of the elements.
The total thermal insulation of the profile and the glass is Uw = min. 0.88 W/m²K.

The advantages and features of the profile Wicline 75 EVO:
• Profile with interrupted thermal bridge 
• Total thermal conductivity up to: Uw = up to 0,88 W/m²K
• Thermal conductivity of the insulation glass Ug = up to 0,5 W/m2K
• Total thickness of glass: up to 44 mm
• Durable elastic sealing gaskets
• Window frame thickness: 75 mm, window casement thickness: 85 mm
• Hardware: one-handed combined with a handle