PVC sliding doors AJM 8000 ENERGETO®

PVC sliding doors AJM 8000 ENERGETO®
The PVC sliding doors AJM 8000 Energeto ® are suitable both for indoor as well as external transitional spaces, such as balconies and terraces. They are made of excellent 8-chamber PVC profiles.

Because of the advanced technology and the casement without steel reinforcement the subsequent exchange of glass is extremely easy. Handling the hardware is also easy and reliable.

The lines of the profile are trendy cornered. Because of the narrow profiles, windows AJM let a lot of light into the room what makes the living space even more attractive.

The PVC material is good resistant to UV-rays, the extruded seals to elasticity and the hardware to corrosiveness.
The windows AJM 8000 energeto® can be constructed from different fully compatible profiles.

The features and advantages of the ALU-profile AJM 8000 Energeto®:
• Total thermal conductivity of the window: Uw = up to 0,61 W/m²K,
• Total thickness of glass: up to 51 mm,
• Sound insulation of glass: Rw = up to 51 dB,
• Three durable elastic sealing gaskets
• Profile type: even edges
• Door frame and casement without steel reinforcement
• The door casement is bonded with glass
• Door frame thickness: 85 mm, glass thickness: 109 mm.

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