Window blinds


Blinds, suitable for full darkening of the room and for the protection of windows, with excellent sound and thermal insulation.

Roller blinds are blinds which ensure full darkening of a room. In addition to that, roller blinds assure additional sound and thermal insulation. With the use of a roller blind the thermal insulation of a window in winter is improved for 25 %. Roller blinds protect all spaces against insects and dirt.

As with all our products, also with roller blinds, we do not leave anything to coincidence. Particular attention was paid to the fact that the slats run very light, practically completely inaudible. Ventilation is also enabled through the air slots on the slats, even when the roller blinds are down. The roller blinds offer in combination with an electro engine drive also an excellent anti-burglary protection.

It is possible to install together with the roller blinds additional insect screens, which will protect you against annoying insects.

The advantages and features of interior roller blinds:
• ALU- slats
• Slats are resistant to mechanical strokes
• Installation of the roller blind above the window (in the room)
• Protection against insects, dirt and external influences
• Air slots in the slats for optimal ventilation
• Ensured anti-burglary protection with electro engine drive
• Possibility for simultaneous insect screen installation

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