Window blinds


A blind, which effectively combines the softness of curtains and the practicalness of interior venetian blinds.

A soft fabric, which is in the form of an "accordion" attached to the inside of the windows, combines the softness of curtains and the practicalness of interior venetian blinds. With its neutral decorative appearance plisse screens are suitable for both, business and residential premises, as well as they are an excellent shade for your winter garden.
The plisse screens with its soft appearance give the finishing touch to comfortable living. The light in the room can be free regulated, with the possibility of opening in a downward and upward direction or in both directions. In influencing the level of light in the room you can influence on that also by selecting a right colour tone of the plisse screens. Therefore carefully consider what colour and fabric to choose, because the plisse screens are available in many different colour tones.
The fabrics of the plisse screens are extremely durable, easy to clean and ensure a long lifespan. Available are different fabrics that differ upon the surface treatment. There are such that effectively reflect light and heat, as well as those that enable full darkening of the room.

The advantages and features of plisse screens: 
• Suitable for glass surfaces of different shapes
• Various colour tones
• Durability, easy cleaning
• Long lifespan
• Easy control

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