PVC folding window AJM 8000 ekskluziv

PVC folding window AJM 8000 ekskluziv
An attractive and massive window with a “folding” opening method and steel reinforcement in the window frame and window casement, especially suitable for low-energy and passive houses.

The window AJM 8000 ekskluziv with a “folding” opening method is an excellent solution for larger glass surfaces.
The folding window AJM 8000, as all windows from the family of profiles AJM 8000 ekskluziv, characterizes a special concave / convex shape of the edges and an anti-corrosion steel reinforcement, which provides high stability of the window for a long-term.

The profile looks excellent and its maintenance is undemanding. The profiles can be combined in several different ways. With appropriate glazing it is recommended for all builders of passive and low-energy houses.
With a wide profile, three continuous seals and a big sill between the window frame and the window casement this window also ensures high sound and thermal insulation which raise the comfort level of living.

The robust frame with steel reinforcements is extra mechanically stabilized with a bonding technique: the glass is bonded into the window casement. Therefore the robust and isolative enhanced window is ready for the toughest conditions.

The advantages and features of profile AJM 8000 ekskluziv:
• Total thermal conductivity of the window: Uw = up to 0,70 W/m²K
• Total thickness of glass: up to 51 mm
• Sound insulation of glass: Rw = up to 51 dB
• Three durable elastic sealing gaskets
• Profile type: rounded edges
• The casement of the window is bonded with glass
• Window frame thickness: 85 mm, Glass thickness: 109 mm.

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