PVC stable window AJM

PVC stable window AJM
The stable window AJM is an excellent product and the result of own- development, suitable for all agricultural and farm objects.

We recommend the stable windows AJM for all who want to offer their pets the comfort and warmth as they enjoy self. The window is the result of own development and is recommended as a quality product by the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia. You can choose between four standard dimensions or you can make custom orders.
The window frame is available in white or dark-brown colour, while the window casement is gray. The window is glazed with single wired glass or a thermal insulating filling Lexan. Full comfort is achieved with multi-point tilting opening and with excellent sealing.

The advantages and features of the stable window AJM:
• 3-chamber profile (window frame)
• Total thickness of glass: 6 mm – available is a single wired glass or polyacryl glass (Lexan)  
• Sealing: single 
• Window frame type: AJM 2000
• Window frame thickness: 60 mm
• Total thickness of the window: 60 mm

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