Roof window roto

Roof window roto
A quality PVC roof window made of a PVC-profile. You can choose between 19 standard dimensions.

A high quality PVC roof window, designed for installation into a variety of roof spaces. Due to its functional design the window allows undisturbed access and ventilation.
The installation of the roof windows is performed by specially trained installers, who are highly professional and technical qualified. 

The advantages and features of the roof window Roto:
• White three-chamber PVC-profile, reinforced with rolled and zinced steel profiles
• Material of thin plates and borders: brown painted (lacquered) aluminium RAL 8019, option: copper, zinc-titanium 
• Glazing: insulation glass 4/16/4 Alpine Start, the exterior glass is tempered
• Insulation characteristics of the windows: thermal: UW=1,27 W/m²K, sound: Rw= 32 dB.
• Opening method: turn of the wing around the upper third, blockade of the open window in three positions
• Position for cleaning: automatic fixation of the wing in turned position
• Ventilation: fixation of the ajar wing in two positions
• Sealing between the window casement and window frame: double; slotted seal on the wing and sealing ring on the frame
• Opening: ALU-handle at the bottom of the window
• Roof inclination: from 20 to 65 degrees, with standard border
• Closing: three-point
• Special features: the window has a factory-made inbuilt foil for a better connection with the steam-membrane of the roof.

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