Roof window velux

Roof window velux
Roof windows of the recognized manufacturer with 60 years of tradition, in several standard dimensions and with a wide range of accessories.

The wooden roof windows Velux are coated with polyurethane in white colour, giving a full harmony with the PVC windows AJM!
We especially recommend the roof window Velux GGU model, which is due to its finishing suitable for rooms with increased humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The modern shape and white colour coincide with the guidelines of modern design, which makes this window also a nice decorative accessory in the living room or bedroom.
A ventilation flap enables ventilation at the waterproof closed window what is especially important in rainy days. 

The window is deliverable in many different dimensions (sizes). When selecting the size you should consider adequate room lighting: according to Slovenian regulations the overall window area should be at least 20% of the floor area space.

An innovative and practical opening with a handle on the upper side enables to put the furniture directly under the window, without hindering the opening of the window.

The advantages and features of the window Velux:
• Energy saving, tempered glass
• Thermal conductivity of the window = 1,4W/m²K
• Thermal conductivity of the glass = 1,1W/mà²K
• Sound insulation of the glass: 32dB
• Installation inclination: from 15 to 90 degrees
• Material: glued wooden core coated with polyurethane 
• Accessories: window blinds, electric control, rain sensor.

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